Lab3D sponsor tecnico per la stampa 3D del kit di rilevamento Il progetto TAC (Tecnologia Ambiente e Competenze) è un
-- In medical science the many educational institutes struggle to provide their students with the right material such as actual
Recently we at LAB 3D printed a bicycle helmet with our Zortrax M300 Plus. Actually this came to the attention
until the M300 Dual came the main difference between the Zortrax printers and the other 3D printers in the market
On September 24th 2019 Zortrax is planning to make the next step of their product line. Something completely new What
Lab 3D sagl managed to print actual size scale 1: 1 Racing Car steering wheel using the Polymer PLA material and
Zortrax has been ruling the 3D printing industry for the last 5 years with it's  M200 & M300 . And
The quality of life in the 20th century has improved a lot with the new production technologies which was introduced 
When the 3D printers bace opensource in 2009 and everyone was making 3D printers at home we though that 3D