Glass Plate – M200 Plus & M300 Plus

until the M300 Dual came the main difference between the Zortrax printers and the other 3D printers in the market was the build platform.

Because of the prorated platform in the Zortrax Printers M200, M300, M200 Plus and M300 Plus.. it was mandatory for all the prints made with a Raft.

Even though the Raft was very helpful in many 3D prints some of the users preferred the old fashion Glass plate which allowed them to print smooth bottom surfaces without Raft.

But now with the new release of the firmware for M200 Plus and M300 Plus this has changed.

Printing on Glass Platforms

With the 2.0 firmware for the M Series Plus 3D printers, users will now be able to manually calibrate the build platform, in addition to initiating the calibration process automatically from the interface display. This calibration option makes the M Plus devices open for printing on glass build platforms, which in turn offers users the ability to print models without raft. The addition of new glass plates available for both the M200 Plus and M300 Plus 3D printers can result in higher quality bottom layers of the finished model and reduces the amount of printing time by the exact time needed to print bottom support layers.

Failsafe Response Feature

In order to reduce the amount of failed prints, the printers are now able to save the printing progress whenever a hardware issue occurs. When you’ll see a failsafe notification, the 3D printers can be switched off and any maintenance services or replacements can be performed before starting up the printing once again at the same exact point the process was stopped previously.

Choosing Desired Settings

For users used to 3D printing with one specific filament we’ve added the option to manually choose the desired build platform’s idle temperature. This is a time saving addition that should cut the waiting period each time the printer would normally have to warm up the platform for a specific 3D printing material. To ensure that the printers always hold the prefered platform temperature, you’ll need to select WORKING OPTIONS on the display and then SET PLATFORM IDLE TEMPERATUR

An additional energy saving option is the Sleep Mode, which can be both switched off completely or set up with the exact time the printer should enter the mode. In order to choose either of the options you’ll need to go to WORKING OPTIONS and select MINUTES TO ENTER SLEEP MODE.

Tweaking the GUI

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been changed to be more consistent with and resemble the interface of the M300 Dual and Inkspire 3D printers. Such uniformity between our 3D printing devices will be further highlighted in future updates that will be developed on multiple Zortrax devices. The upgrade to version 2.0 is final and cannot be reversed to earlier versions of the firmware to maintain a sense of familiarity for Zortrax users with the GUI going forward.


Z-Glass Build Plate for M200 Plus

Z-Glass Build Plate for M300 Plus & Dual

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