3D Printed Bicycle Helmet


Recently we at LAB 3D printed a bicycle helmet with our Zortrax M300 Plus. Actually this came to the attention of many people over the social media and was made so many comments and some asked many questions about t he Print.

The main question was how I designed this Helmet?

Actually this is an Sample STL file which Zortrax gives to their authorised resellers as a sample print. So to be honest I don’t know which software Zortrax has used to design this file. But we LAB 3D work with main modelling softwares. As per our experience in order to design a Helmet like this we would use Solid-works software with Plugin called „Powersurfacing“.

And many asked us if this is an object we would use in the actual World.?

No I would not use this helmet in the actual world. Just because it is not made with the right technology and the right material.  This is poorly for design purpose and to test the practicality of the design on the head of a cyclist. Not to make crash test.

There are materials such as PEEK which is an HIGH wear Resistance material which is used in the Medical, Mechanical engineering, Chemical Processing, Automative and Aerospace Industry.

The Zortrax Endureal the new player in the Zortrax family prints Industrial materials such as PEEK without any problem. The PEEK’s were resistance has been confirmed to be sufficient for PEEK/Stainless steel gear pairs working at 1600rpm for over 22 million cycles under 1 Nm Load. High wear resistance leads to limited debris accumulation in PEEK medical devices like joint replacement implants.

Therefore in simple words if I were to print fr myself to write my bicycle I would use PEEK as the materiel with the Zortrax Endureal.

What is the Print Settings?

Well to be honest to get the same quality of the print I strongly believe you need to have the right print, right Settings for the Print and of course the right Filament. We have worked with many 3D printers and many 3d filaments… But we know for sure it is useless to insist on trying to print something like this with an 3D printer which can not handle the work.

This Helmet is printed with Zortrax M300 Plus with Z-PETG filament.

Application version:
Estimated print time: 3d 15h 43m
Material usage: 296.47m (896g)
Printer: Zortrax M300 Plus
Profile: Last settings
Support type: Editable
Material: Z-PETG
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
Layer: 0.19 mm
Quality: High
Infill: 50%

And of course the Support was removed earlier but the main reason which I decided to make the video id that it was so easy to remove the support and the print quality was exceptional when it comes to the print. As you could see the support material is still connected to the printing plate. and non of the support was broken, which mans the helmet came out from the support just like the way I Created the video… (Of course in the Vodo it looks super easy just because it was removed ūüėÄ But trust me I was amazed when I took out the helmet and it came out so well)

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