3D Design

Our company is specialised with 3D modelling using the best practises of the Industry. The Industrial knowledge along with the practical knowledge will can can make the different for your project.

3D Print

We provide you with professional 3D printing services. Our skilled experts from the 3D printing Industry will identify your requirement correctly and will help you to select the correct 3D Printing technology and the Materiel which will fit your Product and Budget.

3D Scan

We provide professional 3D Scanning services for all your industrial needs. The professional 3D Scanners we use during the scanning process allows us to generate detailed files to Print high quality 3D files.



Learn how to get the best possible results from your 3D printer from the LAB 3D team of experts and technicians.

  • Save time by hitting the ground running.
  • Discover the secrets to getting high quality prints.
  • Save money by reducing wastage caused by user errors.
  • Know what to do if something goes wrong.