When the 3D printers bace opensource in 2009 and everyone was making 3D printers at home we though that 3D printing would be an toy which will allow us to play with and do experiments with.

But thanks to companies like Zortrax 3D printer did not only fulfilled the Makers need but also the actual economical needs of the small and medium companies. Once (Before 2009) when the 3D printer was moe than €50,000 it was only used by big companies for prototyping. But now a professional standard 3D Printer like Zortrax which comes under € XXX is an valuable part of an small company who produces limited number of products to particular customers.

As in Italy we can see that there are more and more mechanical, fashion, electrical companies using one or more printers to print their actual final consumer products. This not only allow them to save huge amount of money in outsourcing but also to save the time.

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