The quality of life in the 20th century has improved a lot with the new production technologies which was introduced  in after the industrial revolution. In the modern societies, people live longer and happier than before. The modernisation of society increased the demand for high quality and low-cost products, for which mass production was the answer.

Mass production improved our lives, but it came with a heavy burden: to produce a high standardization and rigid processes were required. due to this traditional mass production we can see every country has the same product every culture use the same product and what we have in our house our hand is something normal which almost everyone in the wold can have… This really removes the identity of the product and the cultures.

Due to the High cost of mass production every manufacturer has to look into the minimum qty which needs to be produced in order to reach the turn over point. Which limits the customisation of the product.

But now with Addictive manufacturing the there is an new door opening for manufacturers to bring economic sense to smaller batch production. with our service of Flexible manufacturing we can crate any (limited) number of products ( 1 ,10, 100 …. Pcs ) for an affordable price. And of course you can change the design along the way and have different number of pieces from different designs.

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