BlueCast X10 LCD

BlueCast X10 for LCD

Castable: YES – Castability: Excellent

Improved Castability improved

Dimensional stability improved

Buildin platform adhesion improved 

Suitable for all kind of jewelry 

Compatible with: all LCD printers like Wanaho D7, Anycubic 3d, ZORTRAX, Prusa, Phrozen, Micromake L2, X-Cube, Xayav V etc. (405 nm with 30 watt led or higher power)

Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds _ Drying with compressed air

UV care: Not needed

Shrinkage: Negligible

Color: Light Blue

Size: 250 – 500 gr


– Casting resin based on the experience of BlueCast X5. – Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative.
– Suitable for all jewelry needs: from filigree to medals, as well from chaton settings to signet rings.
– Excellent for stones presetting (improved elasticity).
– No smell.
– Negligible shrinkage (0.8% after 7 days). – Easy welding with wax.
– Excellent yield of details with all investments. No chemical aggression of the investment during burnout cycle.
– Possible manual refinishing (post cure is needed).
– Monomers absence.
– Extremely detailed.
– Shaded surfaces.
– Burnout cycle improved.
– Suitable for all fast burnout cycles.
– Full burnout also at lower temperature (740°C, flask). – Excellent dimensional stability in time.



Blue Cast LCD/DLP resin is fully compatible with all LCD printers like Zortrax Inkspire, Phrozen Shuffle, XL, Wahnaho D7, D8, Micromake 2017 L2, EAST Micromake L2, X-CUBE LCD, Vodainfo Tech. LCD, Xayav Model V, etc (405nm _ min. 30 watt LED power).

Use a resin tank provided with high quality FEP(FEP 100 OR 127 HD are suggested).

Before use, shake the resin container.

In case of particular climatic conditions (such as in case of room temperature inferior to 20°C) it is suggested to preheat the resin. If the resin has been sitting in the tank, use the putty knife to ensure it is thoroughly mixed.

It is suggested to filter the resin before each use, in order to avoid any damage to LCD screen.

Use the adapt PrimerCat primer to improve the resin adhesion to the platform. Put 2 or 3 drops on the print platform and spread them with the help of a spatula until an invisible and homogeneous film is achieved.

On the LCD printers like Wanaho D7 and Anycubic Photon (30 / 40 watt) start from these settings:

0,05 mm z Resolution

5 bottom layers – exposure time 60 seconds

Other layers – from 12 to 16 seconds (depend on geometry)

Z lift – 5mm

Z lift speed – 40 mm/min

Antialiasing – Off

0,03 mm z Resolution

5 bottom layers – exposure time 50 seconds

Other layers – from 9 to 12

seconds (depend on geometry)

Z lift – 5mm

Z lift speed – 40 mm/min


Clean the prints by pouring 91%/99% denatured alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol 90%/99% (approximately 1 minute).
Dry and clean the pieces using a can of compressed air for best results.

1) Casting in house:

  • UV cure is not necessary.
  • It is advisable to realize the investment not over 12 subsequent hours

    after the print.

2) Casting by service:

If casting is relied on external services:

  • Rescale the file model up to +2% before printing;
  • Standard cleaning with alcohol and drying with compressed air (as

    indicated previously).

  • UV cure until the model is completely white/cleared.


Check resin tank before EVERY print. BlueCat is not liable for any damage caused to the printer by cracking or leakage of the resin tank.

We recommend printing large rings horizontally.

DO NOT store the resin for more than 48 hours in the resin tank. BlueCast is highly hygroscopic and will absorb moisture from the air. It is advisable to filter the resin after each print cycle and store it in its original container for optimal preservation and to prevent alteration of its characteristics.

Do not store the resin in clear containers, as it is highly light-sensitive and will damage the resin.



For incredible details & Sharp edges


For incredible details & Sharp edges & Make the the Parts most soft for easier stone pre-setting.


For incredible details & Sharp edges & Make the the Parts most  Hard for dental frame and extreme filigree