BlueCast Original LCD/DLP

BC Original is the most famous BlueCast resin. It is 100% ash-free in order to get perfect casting quality in jewelry manufacturing. BC BlueCast is available in different formulation for LCD/DLP and SLA machines and it is suitable for: Academy ring, Big pendent, Chevalier ring, Medals and Coins, Religious gold art, Solid bracelet, Engagement and wedding ring. BlueCast Original “is a Just cast it resin”. BlueCast was the first world castable resin don’t need UV curing.

Main features:

  • Suitable for fast and standard burnout cycle
  • Safe for health and no smell
  • Developed for the professional jewellery production
  • Exceptional weldability with wax sprues as all BC castable resins
  • No need for post-curing

Bluecast Official Reseller for Switzerland!



  • Tuned for LCD/DLP machines are also compatible with almost of DLP 3d printers (405 nm).
  • Wery low shrinkage and High Accuracy
  • Suitable for filigree, micrò pave, stones settings, silver design and standard jewelry.
  • Minimal residue after burnout process (0.003%)
  • Low-exhaust emission during the burnout process
  • Virtually no expansion of resin during burnout process
  • Compatible with all investments (Tested with Kerr® Satincast, R&R PlastiCast, Optima Prestige, Omega Plus)
  • Excellent castability
  • Washable with 90%/99% denatured alcohol (IPA) or ethyl alcohol 90%/99%.
  • Very low deformation during post-printing
  • Direct casting of models with no need for lacquer or Teflon® (PTFE) spray
  • High definition and smoothness surfaces
  • Remarkable definition of micro-engravings and micro-reliefs