3D Scan

Our experience comes from the industry. We know how important is it for you to have a perfect 3D file scanned ready for rapid prototyping or for Riverse Engineering.

Why do we Need 3D Scanning Services? 

3D Scanning helps you to get an 3D model which can be usable for 3D printing or rapid prototyping or Riverse Engineering.  With 3D printing in a very short time, to convert three-dimensional shapes and 3D measurements of objects, people or even parts of them into 3D digital files.

With our service You can get an accurate and immediately workable 3D model, even in color. It is immediately usable for 3D modeling, reverse engineering or dimensional controls, but also for 3D rendering or for 3D printing.

Lab 3D in 3D Scanning.... Why us?

We can Provide specific service for your needs. We know that every Scanning is unique and our customer needs an quick but professional service. 

  • We are Flexible. You can either Bring your object to our office or we will visit you. 
  • We respond quickly and try to provide with the accurate quotation for your requirement. 
  • We are professional. Our staff will take your requirement and provide a professional service.
  • Accuracy of the acquired file.
  • Colour 3D scanning. 
  • We no only can give you the Mesh file but also we can do Riverse engineering for you. So everything you need in one place.
  • We also provide 3D printing services. We can provide you with an complete 360° 3D solution for your 3D scan requirement.

How to ask for a Quotation or Information?

Lab 3D provides professional 3D printing services for your needs.  Before each requirement is gathers we try to identify your specific need and provide an taler made service for your needs. 

We use structured light both for small and large objects.

Contact us today for a free Consultant of your requirement to info@lab3d.ch with the following details.